About us

(Origins) history & development

Since 1996 we have been active in nature with our interested parties! Initially, however, only during the holiday months when the fitness and aerobics courses in the communities of Niederanven, Betzdorf and Junglinster had their summer break.

In the first years we limited ourselves to walking, because Nordic Walking (NW) was not known at that time. This changed radically in 1999, as NW began its remarkable upturn.

Initially mocked as “skiing without sticks”, the motivated trainer team of our association was soon able to inspire many people to participate. It is worth mentioning that we were able to motivate both beginners as well as former top athletes for this young sport.

Consequently, “Summerwalking Nidderaanwen-Betzder asbl” became “Nordic&Walk Luxembourg asbl“.

The range of training units increased due to the constantly growing demand. As this form of exercise quickly proved to be particularly health-promoting, NW was quickly able to establish itself throughout the country.

We are very happy that in 2019 we were able to celebrate our 20th anniversary of Nordic&Walk Luxembourg asbl in connection with a really big and even international event! More info: NW Event Impressions 2019.

In spring 2020 => 2 became 1, i.e. “Movin’ Andethana asbl” was born from the merger of the local clubs “FitnessClubNiederanven” and “Nordic&Walk Luxembourg asbl” and since then we offer all activities under one cap.

Honorary PresidentJutta KANSTEINJunglinster
PresidentMichaela WEIRIGOberdonven
Vice PresidentManon KLOPP-SOWA (NordicWalking)
Marie-Jeanne THEKES (Fitness)
CassierAngi THESINGBourglinster
SecretaryJutta KANSTEINJunglinster
WebmasterMariella BERMELNiederanven
CoordinatorPiet KANSTEIN
Trainer-RelationshipSylvie LANNERS
Yvette MOOS
MemberHarri SCHEFFLERBourglinster